Authorized Dealer of Xcalibur

Why Buy Your Xcalibur from Majestic Ridez?

As the authorized sales and service representative of Xcalibur in Nashville, IL, Majestic Ridez is pleased to share some of the many features unique to the brand.

Majestic Ridez specializes in face-to-face, one-on-one interaction to customize the hunting cart you’ve always wanted. Our Xcaliber carts are designed and manufactured on site and we carry a huge inventory of additional brands.

Specializing in Xcaliber Carts

Majestic Ridez designs and builds the Xcaliber hunting cart in their shop at Nashville, IL. The primary model fits about anywhere, but we also design them according to the customer’s needs depending on their hunting spot or property. This one of a kind cart will amaze you with its torque and ability to cover all types of terrain quietly. Options include 4WD, 2 speed rear end, as well as, LED lights, a winch, gun/bow holders, and a front rack.

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